Monday, June 30, 2003
Because I am caffinated and my mind is reacting like a dried ring of jelly.
Because once I was told that love was like an allergic swelling (shows up with first contact, is all that can be focused on/thought about, may end in either 1] a violent eruption that affects all surrounding area 2]slow contraction and eventual disappearance or 3]to not end at all, to be a constant beautiful redness, that is comfortably there, given the same respect as temples, knuckles, ankles, noses).
Because I'm so comfortably certain I'm in group three.
Because I don't see colors properly and the halo effect is multiplied in my vision--it flashing like twittering neon, fan blade shadows from white lights gyrating through the primary colors and speeds that cause motion sickness.
Because I love Lauren Davis.
Because I love L. Davis.
Because I love L. D.
Because I love LD.
Because I *heart* LD.

posted by McKain | 2:22 AM