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Here are a couple screen shots from the game (All these screens were originally posted in the Subspace Channel of the Virtual Broom Closet):

This is one of the lower quality screens. As Roger is under water, the scenery was a little tricky. Being underwater and needing to be relatively dark it was hard to play with shading without it looking like above water scenery. As you can see I stuck to dark grey and black for the rock formations.

This is one of the shots from the Planet surface. You can see some local wildlife running about as well (if you strain your eyes really hard that is).

This is another shot of the jungle on the planet surface. It shows Roger walking along the edge of a swamp.

Ok Space Quest people, anybody recognize this screen?

How about this one? In THE LOST CHAPTER I used a few screens from previous SQ games and altered them to suit my needs. I was going though a lazy phase. I used nothing without changing it though, besides, in some cases the way I needed the screens required serious re-working of them to get Roger to navigate through them properly. The time I saved in graphics I burned in fixing other stuff. I hope I'll be forgiven a little ste...., err... I mean borrowing from the good old boys at Sierra. Like I said though, any screen I used I altered, as you can probably tell from the above, so if I'm to be tarred and feathered I'll just have to grab a beak, the appropriate T-shirt and apply as the Astro Chicken Mascott and live with it.

This however, like most of my screens, is all original graphics. I'm quite proud of how this screen came out.

Take a peek at Roger taking a leasurely swim in a swamp on a planet Roger doesn't even know. Hmmm, makes me wonder why he was so anxious to jump in, but doesn't he always?

This one has Roger emerging from the depths of the swamp, the scenery here is quite rich.

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