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HOT space quest links

Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset - The first, and STILL greatest Space Quest site there is. You'll find "virtually" anything you can think of here, fan fiction, stories, interviews, downloads, quotes, faq files, message forums and a whole lot more!

    The Roger Wilco Memorial - Sleeray has done a super job with this memorial to everyone's favorite intergalactic broom-jockey!  This site has enough material to keep you coming back again and again!

    Starcon 3000, the Next Mutation - Florian Heise has done some terrific work with this site. Check it out for the most Space Quest downloads anywhere--and much more!

Scumsoft HQ - Tired of waiting for SQ7?  Try Chris Geroux's Scumsoft HQ to download playable mini-Space Quest games.  Including classics like Orat Sportz: Soccer and Eureka Trash Pickup, this is a terrific site!

    Scott-Land - The official homepage of the co-creator of the Space Quest series and Guy from Andromeda, Scott Murphy. Need I say more? Drop by and check it out!

other space quest links

Captain Roger Wilco's Shuttle Bay

Domen's Space Quest Page

Elmo's Lair

Galaxy Galleria (pick)

The Holocabana

Roger at Alvin's Place (pick)

Roger's House

Roger Wilco's Land O'Cleaning

Roger Wilco's SpaceBar

Roger Wilco's Stellar Voyages

The SCS Goliath (pick)

Sierra's Official Space Quest Forum (pick)

Sludge Vohaul's Homepage

The Space Quest Guide to the Galaxy (pick)

Space Quest, the Call of the Mop

The Space Quest Universe 2

The Space Quest Zone

Ulence Flats

Vohaul's Compound

Wilco Games

Wilco's Web Space

WilcoWeb (pick)

World O'Wonders

other links

Sierra - Be sure to check out the official Sierra website!

Just Adventure - Great interviews, reviews, and other features!

Adventure Gamer - Great site bringing you all the latest on the adventure genre!

Adventure Collective - Another great site devoted to adventure gaming!

The Subspace Alliance - A collective currently at work on a SQ fangame.

Quest Studios' Sierra Soundtrack Series - MIDIs galore!

utilities, unzippers, patches and updates

The Virtual Broomcloset's Downloads Section - One stop shop for all the utilities you'll need to get up and running for anything Space Quest, slow-down utilities, patches, updates, you name it!

Winzip - The world's most popular unzipper.

off topic links, but still cool

Frost Byte Interactive - My brother's design firm, they get the job done!

Neuro - A forum for stories, art, and poetry from everyone.

Eye4U - One of the best flash sites available.

2Advanced - Amazing site design and work here.

Ray of Light - Another beautiful flash site.

Just Comics & More - The caribbean's only monthly comic book magazine!

The Fray - True stories, great design, it's inspiring.


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