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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Ok guys and gals. I've finally gotten around to posting the Stack Blown Patch to this Website. I know you all want to shoot me for taking so bloomin' long, but accept my heartfelt appologies.

Anyway, here it is :-


Now here's what to do :-

What you need to do is unzip the file into your game directory, letting it overwrite any files already there. Then start the game with AGI.EXE (not SQTLC.COM). Then check to see if the error still occurs. If somewhere along the line (while running AGI.EXE) you run into a Memory error, restart the game with SQTLC.COM then retore your game and you should be able to get past it. If another Blown Stack occurs (while running SQTLC.COM), restart with AGI.EXE and restore your game, and again, you should be able to get past it. These errors occur only with Windows 2000 and Windows ME machines, and there are only two or so of them along the way. The memory errors don't always occur with AGI.EXE, but has propped up with some people.

I hope everybody stops blowing their stacks,


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Monday, April 09, 2001

I finally got the Back cover for the Lost Chapter Box done. With thanks to Cryo and Akril of course. I should have put it up before but didn't have any time.

Hope you all like it.

Click here for the back cover


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Friday, March 16, 2001

Well guys and gals, I've just finished up a few minors touches on a small Demo I did to show what AGI Mouse is Capable of. The Mouse Version of SQ:TLC only really uses the Motion capabilities of it, except for in the Elevator on the Vercotron, and I just wanted to experiment with it a little and see what I could do.

Some of you will recognise the bulk of the Game Demo from Brian Lusk's SQ 3.5, and I have to thank him for allowing me to use his stuff. I also have to thank Brian Provinciano for allowing me to use his AGI Mouse Demo to slap my little game demo into. He's the guy that created AGI Mouse, and doing this Demo I really regretted not having it when I was building SQ:TLC.

Keep in mind the SQ opening screen was something I had knocking around the old noggin and I decided to throw it in as a start-up for the Demo, but the basic stuff in the Demo is stuff from SQ 3.5, so please don't start throwing abuse and lobbing bombs my way. Again, Mr Lusk gave his okay.

Well it's only 90K, so if you get the hankering, download it here :-


And check it out. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Hope you all like it,


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Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Hello wilco Fans. Well I recently created a Mouse Support Version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter. This version of SQ:TLC allows the player to move the game character around the screen using the Mouse. Simply Point the cursor to where you wish Roger to walk and Click the Mouse button. I was able to do this by using an Altered version of AGI, done by Brian Provinciano. It's called AGI Mouse and it allows Mouse support in AGI games.

AGI Mouse in fact has more capability than I used here. It can actually turn an AGI game into a pretty fair approximation of an SCI game. Meaning you could allow the gamer to use the Mouse to LOOK at objects, GET objects, TALK to characters etc., all without typing. However it would have been too time consuming to re-work SQ:TLC in this fasion.

I'm pretty pleased with how this version of SQ:TLC came out though. So if you want to try it out, download it here :-

Mouse support Version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

Hope you all enjoy this taste of SCI in an AGI game. I was very impressed with AGI Mouse myself, that's why I tried converting the game to use it.

May your mouse never get as big and hairy as those in Space Quest III.


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Thursday, February 08, 2001

If anyone is interested, Jess over at the Virtual Broomcloset has just posted the original interview I did with the guy at Adventure Gamer. It's pretty long, so be warned. You can check it out here: Interview

Well I have updated the game today, so anyone who wants to update their copy should probably go ahead. I've fixed a few things as well as added one or two new Easter Eggs.

May you never tick off an angry Ghinusion


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Hey guys, I'll update the link soon, but for anyone who wants to go directly to the lost chapter thread in the subspace's message forum, you can get to it right here. Way too many people have been posting threads in the main room, so we're trying to get everything organised.


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Thursday, February 01, 2001


The finished version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter is now available for download. I have updated the downloadable Demo. It is now officially the Finished Game. I still can't guarantee 'no bugs', but the game is complete, with Easter Eggs, Complete Ending and Sound.

See what's in store for Roger Wilco as he tackles his Newest, oops, that would be his Forgotten adventure.

Take a peek at the Box cover for the Newly restored Lost Sequel in the Life of Roger Wilco.

Click here for the cover


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Monday, January 29, 2001


The finished version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter is coming out this week. That's right, I'm just about ready to update the downloadable Demo. Except it will no longer be a Demo, but a Finished Game. I can't guarantee no bugs, but the game will be complete, with Easter Eggs, Complete Ending and Sound. Check back in a few days for the whole enchalada me amigos. It will be hot out the oven and steaming up the place (hopefully not in bad way).

Get your gloves ready, full your bucket with water, and dust off that Mop, Roger Wilco is ready to swob back into action.

If you do kick the bucket, may you only wet your boots and not bite the Big One.


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