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game credits

Art by: Vonster
Sound by: Vonster
Story by: Vonster
Animation by: Vonster
Programming by: Steve Jobs... okay, alright, Vonster did this too.

I'd also like to thank

Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, creators of Space Quest and hence genesis of this game. Without them there'd be no Space Quest.

Josh Mandel, who lent his support to this project and just might lend a bit more. Thanks for still believing in Roger and Space Quest.

The people that built and ran Sierra for so long. Without Ken and Roberta and so very many others we would never have had the great adventure games of Space Quest, King's Quest, Police Quest, Hero's Quest (Quest For Glory), Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of The Lounge Lizards, the Laura Bow series, and the other adventure games like Conquest of Camelot, Gold Rush, The Black Cauldron, and many more that I can't even remember.

Peter Kelly, creator of AGI Studio which allowed me to build this game. Thanks to this man's amazing work on a great piece of software I was able to fulfill a dream of creating my own AGI game.

Lance Ewing, creator of PICEDIT, an AGI screen editor that I used too many times to possibly mention. IT's an easy program to use and very effective, without which I'd have no screens.

My brother Justin (cryo), who helped me with certain development aspects of the game and spurred me on when I needed it. Having another SQ fan in my corner was invaluable. He also built the SPACE QUEST: THE LOST CHAPTER website, which is great and wouldn't be here if not for him.

All the other people who have tried AGI games over the years. I've downloaded and played most if not all of them and I gleamed ideas from many.

Jess Morrissette, a.k.a. the Decaffinated Jedi. The Jedi agreed to launch The Lost Chapter on his website, THE original Space Quest Website, now some five years old, the Virtual Broomcloset. He checked out the original version of the demo and gave me the thumbs up for a decent demo and a Broomcloset release.

All the fans of Space Quest for keeping the faith in an amazing series of games that will always be my favourite. You guys and gals have made Roger survive and thrive for years, and your support while getting The Lost Chapter ready was great, and so very appreciated.

Roger Wilco, truly an inspiring indivual, who almost single handedly motivated me to spend so much time and effort on this game. It was my desire to see him tackle the stars again that kept me going when things looked bleak.

web site credits

This site was built by my ever-talented (yes he's writing this) younger brother.

FrostByte Interactive built this page and hosts it, and hey, it's not half bad, you can go to their web site for more information to see how you can get your site frozen.

Legal Issues. All original contents copyright © 2000 Vonster / Space Quest, and all related characters & indicia copyright Sierra.