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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Ok guys and gals. I've finally gotten around to posting the Stack Blown Patch to this Website. I know you all want to shoot me for taking so bloomin' long, but accept my heartfelt appologies.

Anyway, here it is :-


Now here's what to do :-

What you need to do is unzip the file into your game directory, letting it overwrite any files already there. Then start the game with AGI.EXE (not SQTLC.COM). Then check to see if the error still occurs. If somewhere along the line (while running AGI.EXE) you run into a Memory error, restart the game with SQTLC.COM then retore your game and you should be able to get past it. If another Blown Stack occurs (while running SQTLC.COM), restart with AGI.EXE and restore your game, and again, you should be able to get past it. These errors occur only with Windows 2000 and Windows ME machines, and there are only two or so of them along the way. The memory errors don't always occur with AGI.EXE, but has propped up with some people.

I hope everybody stops blowing their stacks,

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