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Friday, March 16, 2001

Well guys and gals, I've just finished up a few minors touches on a small Demo I did to show what AGI Mouse is Capable of. The Mouse Version of SQ:TLC only really uses the Motion capabilities of it, except for in the Elevator on the Vercotron, and I just wanted to experiment with it a little and see what I could do.

Some of you will recognise the bulk of the Game Demo from Brian Lusk's SQ 3.5, and I have to thank him for allowing me to use his stuff. I also have to thank Brian Provinciano for allowing me to use his AGI Mouse Demo to slap my little game demo into. He's the guy that created AGI Mouse, and doing this Demo I really regretted not having it when I was building SQ:TLC.

Keep in mind the SQ opening screen was something I had knocking around the old noggin and I decided to throw it in as a start-up for the Demo, but the basic stuff in the Demo is stuff from SQ 3.5, so please don't start throwing abuse and lobbing bombs my way. Again, Mr Lusk gave his okay.

Well it's only 90K, so if you get the hankering, download it here :-


And check it out. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Hope you all like it,

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