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Tuesday, March 06, 2001

Hello wilco Fans. Well I recently created a Mouse Support Version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter. This version of SQ:TLC allows the player to move the game character around the screen using the Mouse. Simply Point the cursor to where you wish Roger to walk and Click the Mouse button. I was able to do this by using an Altered version of AGI, done by Brian Provinciano. It's called AGI Mouse and it allows Mouse support in AGI games.

AGI Mouse in fact has more capability than I used here. It can actually turn an AGI game into a pretty fair approximation of an SCI game. Meaning you could allow the gamer to use the Mouse to LOOK at objects, GET objects, TALK to characters etc., all without typing. However it would have been too time consuming to re-work SQ:TLC in this fasion.

I'm pretty pleased with how this version of SQ:TLC came out though. So if you want to try it out, download it here :-

Mouse support Version of Space Quest: The Lost Chapter

Hope you all enjoy this taste of SCI in an AGI game. I was very impressed with AGI Mouse myself, that's why I tried converting the game to use it.

May your mouse never get as big and hairy as those in Space Quest III.

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