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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Hello all. Just thought I'd drop a note to say that those improvements are coming along REALLY well. I'm impressing myself. Not that it's necessarily a hard thing to impress me, I'm thrilled when I shave without causing serious blood loss, but things really do seem to be coming along great. I've got quite a bit of testing still to do, but I'm making things better in every place I can think of. I'm improving the vocab accepted as best as I can and doing a few other things that I'll let you all see for yourselves in a week. I hope you all enjoy the improvements as well as the ending.

Not to blow my own horn, although that is what I'm doing I guess, I've saved the screens I'm most pleased with for the end. They are the ones I took the longest to perfect and I really put effort in making them look the best they can. So I hope you all like them when you solve that Puzzle-fest that is the Vercotron.

May the Plant of Purple, never Pulverize your Person.

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Monday, January 22, 2001

Space Quest: The Lost Chapter has recently been Featured at Adventure Gamer. To all who are interested, please feel free to mosey on down there at :- and check it out.

The game improvements are coming along nicely, and as promised that finished version will be out ot the end if this month.

May the Broom of Life never sweep you into the Bin.


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