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Friday, December 01, 2000

Vonster updated the demo, fixed a bunch of bugs, check the message board to see exactly what he fixed.

Anyway you guys should go download the newer version of the game in the download section, have at it!
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Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Okay it's 5:20am, I just got the final ZIP file to post, I hope no one tried the link before the actual file was on the server! Sorry for any delay.

If you guys encounter any bugs or errors on the site, please e-mail me, if you want to discuss the game or report any bugs in it, use the message forum, guestbook, or e-mail Vonster.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Only one more day people!
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Monday, November 27, 2000

Current Demo Release Features (29/11/00)

An expanded opening sequence showing who really sent Roger crashing to the mysterious planet. Kind of.

New perils on the Swamp World Roger crash-landed on. What’s a SQ without having to restore 50 times a day.

Dozens more screens of Space Quest mayhem. Provided they work.
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Reports coming out of the Cyber-world today are that the famous Space Jockey, Roger Wilco has located a lost Sequel long since burried under mountains of cleaning supplies and junk in his Broomcloset.

Wilco, a well known name from his Space Quest escapades in Six Sequels spanning many planets, different time-streams and janitorial closets around the galaxy, has apparantly uncovered a never before seen sequel. According to Wilco, he has dubbed the title of the sequel SPACE QUEST: THE LOST CHAPTER, due to the fact it had been missing for so long.

The sequel seems to have been lost somewhere between Space Quest 2 and Space Quest 3. Wilco himself is at a loss to exlpain the disappearance of the Sequel, but says he will make it available to all as soon as possible. Apparantly unfamiliar with the details of the Sequel, due to some form of memory loss or Keronian Ale intake, Wilco was reluctant to talk about the Sequel in depth. "Everyone will get a chance to see the sequel", said Wilco, "From what I've seen it looks to have been a real adventure, I just can't remember any of it."

Wilco said the records are in an old format called AGI. AGI is an old recording format used decades ago for Sequels like Space Quest 1 and Space Quest 2. Based on this and Wilco's review of the sequel, he was able to determine when it was lost.

With no new adventures for some time now, fans of Wilco have been clamouring for him to take up the mop again. In semi-retirement, Wilco told reporters that he has not given up adventuring, but that for now maybe his fans would be content with this 'Lost Chapter' is his life. "I hope they enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying it.", says Wilco, "Since I can't remember anything really, it seems all new to me."

For those fans out there who want to get their hands on this now extremely hot commodity, Wilco says he is working with The Decaffeinated Jedi and Vonster D Monster to restore the sequel and make it available online at his Virtual Broomcloset website. "The original data cartridges were damaged in the closet, so we have to repair them and in some cases piece together what exactly happened from the damaged or lost data.", says Wilco, "But we'll have it up and ready for the fans in no time." So Space Quest fans, keep checking Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset or the official Lost Chapter site for updates as to when this new and never before seen AGI sequel will be available. You won't get it anywhere else in this or any other galaxy.
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Okay I've finally gotten Vonster's site up and running with ALL the content. I was certainly a busy little bee getting this site, and the Broomcloset's layout, done in time for the launch! Hoozah!
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