Sunday, June 25, 2006
Gents, Countrymen, fellow Freemen.

The response that the movement has received has been beyond expectations. It is good to see so many soldiers raising their bayonets for change. We have placed our bets on the underdog.

Fear not, my brothers. For the time has come, for the second phase of
The Chauvanist Movement

I bring you truth, and not much else. Have you ever noticed the way that your woman flips her hair around when interacting with another man? Have you ever considered that women, regardless of what many people think nowadays, are out to get as much ass as we do? We have been, and are being, conditioned into thinking that flirting is wrong, or inappropriate. We have been fooled for many years, by the 'innocence' of women. They are human, brothers; and victims of temptation.

We must fight upon the same battlefield as the enemy. We must feed upon this need, and exploit the needs of our enemy. I propose a new outlook on the 'faithfulness' precondition. Why can't we grind on a 'sweet ting' while our 'woman' is in the room? Why can't we flirt with two girls at once? Why can't we believe in our Pimpdom whenever we enter a social gathering. We are men; be proud of your attributes.

We can be aloof. We can be sophisticated. We can be powerful. We can be 'de dan'.

WEEK 2: Expand your Pimpdom.

For we must build a foundation, before we build our kingdoms.

our motto: Chauvinism is the new Feminism. Join up today!
viva la revolution.

Saturday, June 24, 2006
Prey demo.
Download and play.
super sexy!

Sunday, June 18, 2006
Gents, Countrymen, fellow Soca Warriors. The time has come.

For too long have we dangled on the edge of indecision. For too long have we suffered the slings and arrows that shower us from point well-known. For too long have we banded our waists, bitten our tongues, and tucked back our sacks. The time for revolution is now.

I propose the start of a secret organization. A society only for men; which holds the ideals and desires of men in the highest regard.

I present to you: The Chauvinist Movement.

Women have had their nails in our backs for far too long. We submit to their lavender toilet paper, their potpourri, their TLC marathons. We repress our need for pornography, slutty drunk girls, and girls gone wild. I say, NO MORE!

I am sick of women being able to spin tales of inadequacy, and foiled one nighters, yet mention the word 'cunt' and they are allowed to lambaste anyone with a penis in a 5 mile radius.
I am sick of the acceptance of 'girls night out', but men are dogs when they 'holla' at girls through their car windows, or dance with a 'bff' at a night club.

We must stand up for ourselves gents. We must realign our compasses, and set sail once again, for a man's world. We must begin small, for the female sect is now attuned to our plotting minds, and can sense betrayal.

I propose this simple act, and many shall follow:

WEEK 1 : Leave the toilet seat up for a week.

You will be subject to many attacks based on this strategic move, but stand strong, for no war can be won, without pain and suffering.

More updates as they are released.

our motto: Chauvinism is the new Feminism. Join up today!
viva la revolution.

Thursday, June 15, 2006
it happened again.

females are so evil.

i wanna pull a kurt cobain.

i'm so sick of this earth...can i please just get off?

Saturday, June 10, 2006
My thoughts on the Trinidad vs. Sweden match.

Well, let me first say that I presume that many people thought that TnT would lose this game. The fact that that didn't happen is a shock to the international community. I saw those Swedish fans...they were in shock. Yes; we spent most of the game on our side of the field, defending for our lives. Yes; Sweden took about 12 shots on goal, and had they scored one, 'the wound would have been opened', and the goals would have flowed like so much sticky red stuff. Shaka was a Centurion. He led us to this victory, and gave us confidence that we simply could not have percieved at the start of the match (+9 endurance!!).

I think I was standing for about 15 minutes coming down to the end. My heart racing, "please dont score, please dont score", watching my countrymen pray for the same thing from thousands of miles away.

In a way, this WAS a victory for us...and we have steeled ourselves.

go trini

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why would I ever want to change jobs? When my innards are so tasty to so many people?


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