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04.05.11 Frostbyte Work/Projects Updates Coming Soon
We're updating our News section with the work from the last 2+ years, as you can imagine there's lots to do. It's one of those things that got away from us, so stay tuned for an avalanche of backlog--everything should be up by April 30th, 2011.
After offering hosting services for the last 5 years Frostbyte decided to increase our client base in Trinidad & Tobago by launching a locally-branded face to our hosting services; our opinion the only professional-grade hosting option in T&T. Compare us to the competition, we're sure you'll agree!
12.01.08 eTrinidad
eTrinidad has launched with a fully integrated e-commerce solution and Apple's complete line-up. After partnering with Frostbyte to produce their corporate identity and original website, we were pleased to offer our services to bring a true e-commerce solution to market.
11.12.08 Beaches Title Services, LLC
Beaches Title Services, LLC specializes in helping home sellers and buyers complete their sales transaction without the need for an attorney or real estate broker. After having an underdeveloped presence for a number of years they were referred to Frostbyte to finally get things moving. We delivered a simple yet memorable aesthetic with interactive utilities--such as their Closing Cost Calculators.
08.25.08 Network & Software Solutions
Network & Software Solutions (NASS), a new Frostbyte partner, asked us to help get their new 2008 presence off the drawing board and onto the WWW; we were more than happy to assist. If you are located in the NY area don't hesitate to call upon NASS; from Macs to PCs and desktops to servers, NASS has been helping its customers streamline their businesses and increase productivity for over 20 years.
07.28.08 Giles-McIvor, Inc.
Giles-McIvor, Inc. of Jacksonville, FL is a leading project (construction) development company. Once again, we picked up where another developer had failed the client and finally delivered a full CMS solution to manage all their content; including their past and current projects--each with Google Maps integration.
07.04.08 Caribbean BoxOffice
After having Frostbyte tackle their entire corporate identity Caribbean BoxOffice we launched their new e-commerce ticketing website with the premiere of the Scorpions Humanity World Tour. Need tickets for Music, Arts & Theater, Fetes & Carnival, Sports or Special Events? Let CBO be your one-stop ticketing destination!
07.01.08 Law Offices of C. Guy Bond, P.A.
The Law Offices of C. Guy Bond, P.A. has, for over 30 years, provided legal representation in all types of commercial transactions. We were extremely pleased to provide Mr. Bond with our design & development services, and even institute an integrated blogging solution for him to keep his clients updated with relevant news & updates.
04.23.08 Changes in Motion
Referred by one of our existing clients, Changes in Motion took a chance on us after their existing site was left unfinished by another developer. Needless to say we were pleased to be given creative freedom on a totally new online presence. If you live in or around the Jacksonville, FL area make sure to check them out, tell them Frostbyte sent you!
03.09.08 Caribbean BoxOffice
Marc Persaud of Caribbean BoxOffice (CBO) found us quite by chance, but we're glad he did! This project required a distinct corporate identity to brand CBO for their debut; after a round of powerful concepts both client and Frostbyte agreed the right logo & identity were selected. Keep on the lookout for their new e-commerce ticketing website coming soon from our studio!
12.25.07 Comprehensive Insurance Brokers
After a successful website launch back in 2003, Comprehensive Insurance Brokers finally gave us the OK to redesign their dated business cards (relatively unchanged since 1972!), needless to say we were ecstatic to finally tie their print materials into the new look we pioneered for their recent digital brochure.
12.17.07 Coastal Resources, Inc.
Coastal Resources gave Frostbyte the creative & technical freedom to integrate Google Maps into their presence; in order to display their office and retail projects in as relevant a way as possible. In addition, we also use it as an integrated interface to offer up all that project's pertinent information.
11.30.07 The Addict's Guide to Everything Sudoku
Like Sudoku? Well so do we, which is why we jumped at the chance to do illustrations for Fiorella Grossi's new book. Our AD Justin Gosine came up with the visual look for the book's guide, Sudoku San, and was very proud to have worked on this project. Available on Amazon, this represents our first foray into illustrations for commercial paperbacks. Special thanks go out to Jade Gedeon & Nancy Fornasiero for getting us involved on this one.
11.01.07 Harry Persad & Sons
Local general engineering contractors-civil Harry Persad & Sons initially had Frostbyte redesign their business cards way back in 2004, now, ready to reflect that new corporate identity throughout their organization they once again turned to us to deliver on their new print materials, with a website on the way!
09.07.07 Sea Spartans Dragon Boat Racing Club
Trinidad's newest Dragon Boat team, the Sea Spartans didn't really know what direction they wanted to take their logo in, except that it integrate the "sea" and the "Spartan", our AD Justin Gosine took inspiration from The Great Wave off Kanagawa and a classic Spartan helmet, the result is a logo that represents both these themes seamlessly.
07.13.07 Make-Up Artistry by Jaime
Already a satisfied client, Make-Up Artistry by Jaime looked to Frostbyte first in order to create her online presence. Partnered with Trinidad Weddings, Jaime is proving to be the premier make-up artist for Trinidad & Tobago.
05.21.07 Subcontracted Project
This project is protected under a Privacy Agreement therefore identifying names have been removed: A world-renowned American Indian tribe needed a concise and unique online presence for the 50th Anniversary of the signing of their Constitution and Corporate Charter. With a tight deadline and the event just months away, we used authentic tribal components to create that truly unique look. SC
05.16.07 IT Solutions Now
After our success with Exchange Mail Hosting, IT Solutions Now again asked us for copywriting assistance, this time for its flagship website, Wanting more unique and customized copy, we delivered to our client's satisfaction once again.
05.03.07 Subcontracted Project
This project is protected under a Privacy Agreement therefore identifying names have been removed: A Florida-based boxing up-and-comer needed e-commerce to get his new merchandise off the shelves and into the hands of his faithful fans. After developing the shop, Frostbyte tweaked PayPal's own rigid system to enable multiple shipping options to Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska. SC
03.23.07 Exchange Mail Hosting
Wanting more unique and customized copy for their Exchange Mail Hosting service, IT Solutions Now asked us for copywriting assistance. After copywriter after copywriter turned us down due to the technical nature of the copy, we stepped up; making our first official foray into the field.
02.21.07 Laltoo
Thoroughly satisfied with our work on Churches & Schools. Laltoo's founder asked us to re-brand that site to reflect a new focus. The resulting effort is more globally oriented, but retains the solid infrastructure of its predecessor.
11.13.06 Ladies Take Over
Ladies Take Over needed a new splash page, and fast! They were referred to Frostbyte for an overnight professional make-over, with subsequent e-commerce in the pipeline.
11.07.06 Make-Up Artistry by Jaime
With her new Joli line launched, Jaime wanted a new mini-flyer to promote both her professional services and product line. This double-sided piece achieved her goals boldly and elegantly.
10.28.06 IT Solutions Now
After seeing what we did with a totally fresh design for their Exchange Mail Hosting service, the client wanted that look for their new corporate image. We reworked the previous website and "voilą!" Consistent corporate branding.
09.16.06 Exchange Mail Hosting
Having established ourselves with our first collaboration, IT Solutions Now once again chose Frostbyte to bring their hosted Exchange service to market. Plans start at $9.95/month.
06.26.06 Joli
Joli chose Frostbyte to develop their logo for the launch of their Mineral Makeup line in Trinidad & Tobago. According to owner Jaime Rampersad, "Choosing the right look was difficult, because I loved all the concepts!"
06.15.06 IT Solutions Now
IT Solutions Now were left with an incomplete website from a competitor, unsure of whether anything could be salvaged they turned to Frostbyte. We completed the job without re-inventing the wheel, thus saving the client time and money.
02.13.06 eTrinidad
eTrinidad dares to bring accessible ecommerce to the Trinidadian market. Chosing Frostbyte not only as a design studio, but also as a strategic partner.
02.06.06 EC Worldwide Travel
Having chosen Frostbyte in 2003 to redefine their online image, EC once again looked to us for not only a fresh look, but to implement their new online booking engine.
02.06.06 Auto Glow
Auto Glow, specializing in the very best neon and LED accessories, chose Frostbyte to launch their online presence and catalog.
01.16.06 CDR Onsite
Showcasing a custom Flash/XML & PHP/MySQL management system developed exclusively by Frostbyte, CDR allows builders to monitor job sites from anywhere in the world. SC
09.16.05 JDUB
Since 1991 JDUB has recorded and performed rap music. With 3 projects under his belt and a fourth one on the way, JDUB revamped his presence to coincide with the new album "I GO BACK". SC
09.13.05 Eyes Wide Shut - Miami
Look out... "Eyes Wide Shut" is coming to your city for Carnival. For their first city Miami Carnival Promotions chose Frostbyte to start things off with a bang!
08.24.05 Ray Anthony International
Ray Anthony International, LLC is one of the newer and fastest growing crane rental companies in South Florida. A subsidiary of Anthony Holdings Int'l. SC
08.14.05 University Fete
The signature event for Miami Carnival once again chose Frostbyte to update their presence for the All Inclusive 2006 "Red Carpet" event.
07.31.05 Battle Rap
Spit your lyrics on beats from celebrity products, win $100K and a recording contract. We hooked up the Flash, can you hook the record deal? SC
06.30.05 Black Violin
Kev Marcus and Wil-B make up this dynamic "violin-stroking duo" that has skillfully revolutionized a new category of classical music which blends genres. SC
06.21.05 Aftermarket Generation
Aftermarket Generation, specializing in the very best in aftermarket accessories, chose Frostbyte to launch their online presence and catalog.
05.10.05 EYE Quarto
This co-edition publisher produces innovative works by design, and we took their lead to develop a sleek, user-friendly face to their ever-expanding catalog.
04.11.05 Bulldog Equipment
Bulldog Equipment is a leader in designing and manufacturing custom equipment for the US Military. Frostbyte supplied the means to promote and sell their custom merchandise online. SC
03.01.05 We Dream in Colour
Designed by award-winning artist Jade Gedeon, We Dream in Colour's collective turned to Frostbyte to turn their designs and merchandise into a fully functional online store.
01.31.05 Lite Glow
Lite Glow's energetic attitude and dedication to quality performance enhancements set the pace for this slick storefront.
01.24.05 Galt Mile Condos
Realtors specializing in the Gale Mile area of Florida asked Frostbyte to supply a stunning look and powerful listing engine.
01.15.05 Maria Elena Headpieces
With the elegance of her designs came the elegant look of this Flash web presence. Is it a jewel? You decide... SC
01.04.05 Freedom Quest USA
With the help of affiliate emotionmedia's amazing video production, we launched this storefront with a bang! SC
11.26.04 CDR Onsite
As a precursor to our custom Flash/XML & PHP/MySQL management system we created this high-impact Flash introduction. SC
09.24.04 Divided Mind
Based in South Fla, the musicians Divided Mind choose Frostbyte to bring a freshly revamped image to their fans.
09.22.04 Discover Sohos
Frostbyte's new hardware division, SOHOS, launches to offer our small & home office clients a better alternative.
09.20.04 Pasat Roofing
A return client, Pasat Roofing came back to Frostbyte to overhaul our initial design with Flash and a new look.
07.31.04 Higher Level Media
Frostbyte's new hosting division, Higher Level Media, launches with a bang! Hosting starting at $9.95 per month!
07.26.04 Swobbit
Swobbit & Code Media looked to Frostbyte to completely overhaul their current web presence, with amazing results! SC
06.30.04 Umbala International Publishing
Frostbyte brings the work of acclaimed author and radio personality George "Umbala" Joseph to the global market.
06.06.04 Churches & Schools
Churches & Schools received a professional look and complete control over their content with a custom Frostbyte CMS.
04.30.04 Sportica
SPORTICA, Inc. trusted Frostbyte to help establish itself within the U.S. and Caribbean sporting communities.
03.01.04 Jolens Apartments
Jolens Apartments in Tobago, W.I. chose Frostbyte to market their island hideaway to the global market.
01.01.04 Global Wholesale Art
With an inventory of thousands of paintings. Global Wholesale Art chose Frostbyte for their ecommerce initiative.
12.01.03 Sunny Isles New Constructions
Offering high-end apartments in Sunny Isles Florida, Remax agent Rita Japhet chose Frostbyte to market on the web.
12.01.03 Hetty de Gannes
Renowned artist Hetty de Gannes, fresh off her return from China chose Frostbyte to create her online presence.
10.01.03 Schrapper's Fine Cabinetry and Design
Code Media Inc. chose Frostbyte to construct the web presence for their client Schrapper's Fine Cabinetry and Design. SC
07.01.03 21st Century Insurance Brokers
21st Century Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers, a long time client, looked again to Frostbyte to revamp their web presence.
06.15.03 Florida Electronics
As a trusted affiliate, FESI knew they needed Frostbyte to not only put them online, but also handle their print media.
06.01.03 EC Worldwide Travel
EC Worldwide Travel chose Frostbyte to revamp their online presence and give them a new face to the world.
06.01.03 Comprehensive Insurance Brokers
Comprehensive Insurance Brokers chose Frostbyte to bring an elegant feel to their dated website, with superb results.
05.01.03 Soca Nation
Soca Nation needed an identity and online presence to showcase their internet radio stations fast, Frostbyte brought them in on deadline and Soca Nation has been delivering the hits ever since.
05.01.03 Frosty Reminders
Frostbyte has released Version 5.0 of its Reminders software, new features added and minor bugs fixed.
03.15.03 Law Offices of Ian Aird & Associates
AIRD & Associates turned to Frostbyte for new marketing material which included brochures and business cards.
01.30.03 Frostbyte Interactive
Frostbyte launches Version 3 of our website; new features include a scheme selection a plethora of new information.
12.01.02 Send A Stem
Send a Stem needed a new front page to their website; a new look to draw customers in, and Frostbyte delivered.
11.01.02 Auction123
As a premiere listing agent for eBay, Auction123 chose Frostbyte for logo & website development to bolster their eBay success.
10.01.02 Columbia Halle
This German client looked across the Atlantic to find us, so we delivered a hybrid website to showcase their events.
03.01.01 Scruples Inc.
Scruples Entertainment sought a website that would attract new party-goers to their seminal caribbean events. Frostbyte delivered a streamlined solution focusing on upcoming events and galleries from Scruples' successful past efforts.

SC - Subcontracted Project (i.e. Sent to Frostbyte from a Partner or Affiliate)

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