So here you are, the unofficial Fatima college web site. This is by no means a page that should be viewed by people who work for, or support Fatima college. We make no apologies for the content, if you have a gripe, you can kiss our collective asses. Otherwise, enjoy.

Site Updated!!! FINALLY. Soon to come, STUDENTS section, so guys, give us some ideas! 24-4-00
We have been critically acclaimed and have received the GOLDEN PLOY! AWARD.
On the very first day of launch, as of Thursday March 16th 2000, 6am, this site got 321 hits by12am Friday morning. HOLY SH*T. Thank you all for your support.
Ato Boldon signed the Guestbook. If this doesn't make this site a little more amazing, I don't know what will. Let's here it for ATO!
Coopey also apparently signed the guestbook (we do believe this is now a hoax, but what the hell). If we've learned one thing, we've learned he can't spell respect (respesct, oopsie sir..). AND if Mr. Coopey ever visits this site again, we have taken the liberty of leaving an open LETTER for him.


New PAST STORIES section added for all of you to add your old stories about the college. 24-4-00
Churamonster, Johnston, Amuw, Big Mac Philip, Chan Tackle, Brrrash, Gibleson, and JoJo added to the HIT LIST, when we update, we update BIG. 24-4-00
New surveillance photos.
Garciah and Lee Ha Ha Ha added to the HIT LIST.
Minor updates throughout.

Marine, Hubby, Yung, Ramdahss, Busta Crimes, & Johhn to the HIT LIST.

New dirt in the STAFF ROOM.
Cafeteria & TD Room will be up shortly. KEEP the requests COMING.


We have recently been given the great honour of receiving the very first (and possibly only) GOLDEN PLOY! AWARD from the students of Fatima College. We are at a loss for words...

Recent News

Garciah has been reported to be TAKING MONEY from students who have any traces of WHITE on their shoes. I knew things were bad Frico, but who would have thought. (new)

Vice prinicipal Tappine snubbed to succeed Mervy Moron as principal, they hired instead some guy named Garcia. Whooopadeedoo.

Dryer's taking a leave of absence for a year, all the computer students breathe a breath of relief.

Plans to kill both Technical Drawing and Art still in the works. The sons of bitches still think these subjects not worth keeping.

Coopy-D-Coop still thinks he's the sheriff.