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Monday, March 13, 2006

fuck fuck fuck
due by wednesday:
1) 20 page project of Enterprise IT Security Policy & Issue Specific Policy on the university that's being analyzed

2) 10 Page project on Systems Analysis & Design of company being analyzed

3) 10 minute presentation...No, i haven't yet chose the topic to begin working on...

Screwed. Owned. Useless.

And of all the times in the world, Marta's epidemic has seemed to cross the waters to inflict me with this bout of absolute blank mindedness and attention deficit.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wayyyyeee... Look at peeeeopleee

So went to Big Phat Fish last night, and wayye dred, if you see people. Like two thick lines at the front and back of the 'location' and all at 1am to boot. You woulda swear you was outside pier 1 on a free drinks night...Same crowd, same 1 cool bouncer surrounded by his 3 jackass companions.

Music was excellent. Nice mix of things to keep it goin. the way, i'm convinced more than ever that Walshie Killer is a Trinidadian with Jamaican exterior.

Though i spent the earlier and latter part of the night pissed about 'stupid things', it was real nice. The whole of UM, FIU and FAU caribbean population was there too, so made for nice company, in addition to the lady and her sister of course.
Also managed to find Derek and Brett of all the people in the world that far south.

Was also nice to see someone other than Rum himself escorted out of the fete in a drunkened stupor =p

This has got to stop..
It's been a long week...mostly one of recovery from the bliss of home Carnival...the rest on taking a makeup exam and starting (or trying to) the projects due this week. I've also somehow managed to beat the friggin highway here just as hard or perhaps even harder than at home. Friday for example saw me from Boca to Lake Worth and back, then to the Hideout till 2am, from there to Miami, then back to Boca, just to do it again that night, then again this morning ...all in a car that doesn't belong to me.

Musically cleansed
....and then i'm forced to return to this shit on florida radio.

But i did return to an amazingly organized/clean room thanks to Kim (which was MOST appreciated).

I did however return to some bullshit. My offer no longer stands, so i'm being moved to the doghouse should i choose to return to be an RA. Not just any doghouse, but the anti-social, high-rollers doghouse. UM dorms have better community than this.
Soooooooo, that pretty much seals the door behind be on returning. All i have to really do now is start looking for a place and decide whether to move in before or after summer.


Okay enough of this, time to get back to starting work...
and time to through out all this junk food before i blimp out and start blending in with my environment.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I went home..
and i swear, there is nothing that can hold me back from getting there EVERY year...

To go home for carnival is one thing, but actually playing mas is absolutely amazing.
Pictures coming soon...

To sound like a terrible bush indian, it worse than Cascadou... At least that has no real time frame..
Carnival is a friggin yearly fixture.
And yes, i went home, but no, i still didn't see everyone that i wanted to. Still in the process of fixing that. (sorry about that Dani)

Was also in Barbados for 6 hours...which, of course, were very well spent at one of the most gorgeous beaches i've ever seen.

In some strange way, it's good to be back...(though i may not fully Want to be back) i've got things to do to ensure that i actually DO graduate in December.

As for the RA thing, i haven't yet accepted. I might, but i won't keep it long. Safety nets are most desireable devices you see.

Which pretty much means that it's about that time to go apartment hunting...which i really should start soon, given my history of wrong timin in just about every aspect...

By the way, is anyone else completely and totally frustrated with Google's bullshit??? Fuckin aye man...can't even check mail..

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